New Residents’ Groups Formed

I’m pleased to say I’ve helped to facilitate the formation of two new residents’ groups in the ever-growing communities of:

Residents’ advisory groups are the voice of their community.  They are the grass roots, the heart and soul of their neighbourhoods. Residents’ advisory groups provide a united voice on many fronts, and can:

  • Focus the community on special initiatives (celebrations, issues, opportunities)
  • Look within their community to encourage, foster and develop a network to discuss issues affecting the interests of the community
  • Be a voice for the community to levels of governments, industry, and local business

Bridgwater Forest has a super Neighbourhood Association (Facebook and Twitter links; E-Mail address) that has been around for a couple of years now, and is helping to build and strengthen the community by organizing a wide range of initiatives.

I encourage you to get involved, meet your neighbours, and learn more about your community!





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