Older Adults – ‘Making Connections’ in South Winnipeg

I’m very pleased to be involved with a brand NEW Pembina Active Living 55+ (PAL) initiative called “Making Connections”! While South Winnipeg is a growing community of many young families, we also have a very large and growing population of older adults, many who are newcomer older adults.


– Are you an older adult interested in sharing your cultural traditions and celebrations with other older adults?

– Are you an older adult who wants to learn more about our community?

– Are you a child of older parents who could benefit from more interaction with older adults?

Pembina Active Living is seeking CONTACTS of older adults, or cultural groups, who are interested in meeting new friends, and sharing their culture and ‘Making Connections’ – through presentations, cultural celebrations, food and traditions. PAL has funding and planning support available to create opportunities to increase outreach, involvement and collaboration with indigenous and ethnocultural communities.

Sandra is the program chair of the Making Connections steering committee and can be reached through PAL’s office at:

  • info@pal55plus.com
  • 204-946-0839

The steering committee is in the planning stages with GOALS to:

  • Collaborate with ethnocultural communities to raise awareness of our diverse community
  • Participating in activities which support Truth and Reconciliation
  • Visiting cultural venues and participating in cultural celebrations
  • Hosting thematic lectures on diversity and inclusion
  • Co-hosting a cultural event
  • Translating PAL(55+) promotional materials to increase outreach

Further details of this exciting initiative will be coming soon and will be posted on Pembina Active Living’s website https://pal55plus.ca/ and mine.