Proposed Cell Tower at 50 Barnes – Open House

Rogers Communications Canada Inc. is hosting an open house to discuss their proposal to construct a 30m Monopole Telecommunications Tower and supporting equipment cabinets on the ground level at 50 Barnes Street, Winnipeg (site of Grace Christian Church).  The proposed facility will be situated on leased premises.

Everyone is welcome to attend the open house to learn more:

When:  Tuesday, June 14, 2016  –  6:30 to 8:30 PM

Where:  Waverley Heights Community Centre, 1885 Chancellor Drive, Winnipeg

Why:  Due to subscriber demand for improved wireless service, Rogers produced a search ring for an appropriate telecommunications site in the Bison Drive area within the City of Winnipeg. As a result, Rogers has secured a site as indicated on the map below. Rogers Radio Engineering Department selected this site as an appropriate location so as to maximize coverage for wireless users in the area.

rogers cell tower location


Among the factors considered during the site selection process are expected usage patterns of wireless service, local terrain, interaction with existing radio base stations, and line of sight requirements for high quality communication. Each site that is investigated must go through an internal review by radio frequency, transmission and civil engineering groups in order to qualify. No co-location opportunities were identified within 500m of the proposed tower location. The closest existing tower belongs to TELUS and is located 1.63km southeast of the proposed Rogers tower. The TELUS tower is too far away to meet coverage needs or be a viable candidate for co-location.

The approximate 0.06 acre leased area (15m x 15m) will be located at 50 Barnes Street. Rogers makes every attempt, when possible to blend the facility into the surroundings, such as locating near large trees, existing power lines and providing landscaping/fencing, etc. to improve aesthetics.  Access to the premises will be from Barnes Street using a new approach to be constructed east of the leased area. The facilities will be contained on lease and fenced within the compound with four sides and a locking gate.

The structure will support two layers of antennas (approximately 2m antennas – depending on manufacturer). The initial antennas will be located at 29 and 26 meters (center of antenna). Future antennas will be located at 23, 20 and 17 meters. Future space is allocated for additional technical requirements as they are needed

The construction period will last 30 to 45 days and once completed the facility will remain unoccupied. The only traffic generated at this site will be for routine monthly maintenance visits. Lighting and painting requirements are to be determined by Transport Canada and NAV Canada. For this project, Transport Canada has advised that lighting and painting is not required as per Section 12 of the attached consent and as outlined in Standard 621 Obstruction Marking and Lighting Standard. Rogers attests that the installation will respect good engineering practices including structural adequacy.

Industry Canada manages the radio communications spectrum in Canada. Among other requirements, Industry Canada requires cellular telecommunications facilities to comply with guidelines established by Health Canada in order to protect people who live or work near these facilities. Health Canada safety guidelines are outlined in their Safety Code 6 document and are among the most stringent in the world. All Rogers facilities exceed the required standards.

Industry Canada requires that the installation and modification of antenna systems be done in a manner that complies with appropriate environmental legislation. This includes the CEAA (Canadian Environmental Assessment Act) and local environmental assessment requirements where required by the CEAA.  Evolve, on behalf of Rogers, attests that the radio antenna system described in this notification does not qualify as a Designated Project under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and is excluded from environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

More details about this project are available at:  Rogers Proposed Cell Tower Package

Comments and questions regarding this project must be received no later than June 28, 2016.   Please contact:

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