Regular Office Hours – July & August

Under Procedure By-law No. 50/2007, Winnipeg City Council establishes an annual schedule of meetings for Council, Standing Policy Committees and the prorogued period. The prorogued period is a time frame when meetings are temporarily suspended. In 2015, meetings will be prorogued July 25 to September 7.  During this time, I will be involved in Ward activities, meeting with community members, and spending time with my family. The South Winnipeg–St. Norbert Ward office will be staffed most days during the prorogued period to assist with Ward issues.

I have developed an Intern program to offer University students the opportunity to gain public service office experience. We are fortunate to currently have two students working in our office over the summer to assist with phonecalls and inquiries.

Please Contact us by telephone or email.

Have a great summer!




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