Retention Pond Update – April 28th

Environment Canada is forecasting another 20-50 mm of rain for Winnipeg, starting Friday night (April 29, 2022).  While some of the retention ponds have dropped a bit, it appears some have not. Please be assured, the City is monitoring the ponds daily. The ponds are working and are flowing into the Red River and a large drainage ditch.  The City is doing all it can to regulate the height of the water in the ponds BUT there is a tremendous amount of water.

Protecting your home:

Please do what it takes to protect your home – If water is close to your home, I highly recommend you pick up some sandbags.  ALL locations are open 24 hours for sandbag pick up:

  • 1539 Waverley St. (Visitor parking lot, next to recycling bins)
  • 1090 Thomas Ave. (Entrance approach)
  • 1220 Pacific Ave. (East approach)

SEE how to sandbag properly, so they do protect your property – it’s not hard, but there is a bit of a science to it – there’s even videos on how to sandbag.

Please know I will be monitoring emails and Facebook posts all weekend.  This is extreme weather and is challenging to control.