Rogers Communications’ Response: Proposed Cell Tower at 50 Barnes

Today, Rogers Communications Inc. issued a formal update on their proposed cell tower at 50 Barnes Street (site of Grace Christian Church), in response to comments they received from the June 14th open house to discuss their proposal.

To read their formal response, please click on:  Rogers Communication July 12, 2016 Response.

It’s important to understand three key points:

  1. The decision to approve and license the location of Antenna Systems is made only by the Minister of Industry Canada, who has sole jurisdiction over the location and installation of communication facilities.
  2. The Supreme Court of Canada has reaffirmed that  radio-communications and telecommunications, including the location of infrastructure, are matters of exclusive federal jurisdiction.
  3. When I have issued a letter of non-concurrence, the proponent (in this case, Rogers Communications) can still forge ahead with the site through impasse resolution process or through a court action.

This issue is the exclusive responsibility of the Federal Government, and specifically, Industry Canada.  Comments and questions should be forwarded directly to Industry Canada as follows:

Attention: DOSP
Industry Canada –  Spectrum Management Operations Branch
235 Queen Street    Ottawa, ON    K1A 0H5

Industry Canada
Manitoba District Office    4th Floor, 400 St. Mary Avenue    Winnipeg, MB    R3C 4K5
Phone 1-800-665-3421   Fax : (204) 984-6045    Email :


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