SEEKING VOLUNTEER – Winnipeg Library Advisory Committee

The City has positions available on the Library Advisory Committee for residents who live in the Waverley West, St James and Charleswood- Tuxedo- Westward wards. IF you are interested in volunteering on the committee and providing advice related to library matters – please fill out the application and apply by end of day Friday – November 20th!

Also see an excerpt from the City of Winnipeg Libraries by law related to the role:


 (1) There is hereby established a Library Advisory Committee for each Community which shall be appointed by the Community Committee for the purpose of advising and reporting to the Board on Library Services within the Community.

(2) Each Library Advisory Committee shall be composed of the following:

(a) Two (2) Citizen Members of the Board nominated by the Board and appointed by the Community Committee;

(b) The Library Administrative Liaison;

(c) Up to six (6) other Citizens from the Community appointed by the Community Committee.

(3) All appointments of Citizen Members and other Citizens referred to in subclause (2) shall occur every two (2) years (biennially) at the first Community Committee meeting following the Organizational Meeting of Council.

(4) Upon the office of a member of the Library Advisory Committee becoming vacant by reason of death, resignation, or in the case of a member being unable to act for any reason whatsoever, the Community Committee shall, at its next regular meeting, or subsequent meeting, appoint another Citizen Member or another Citizen, as the case may be, to complete the term of office.

(5) No Citizen Members of the Committee shall serve longer than six (6) consecutive years but shall be eligible for reappointment after one (1) year from expiry of the term last held.

(6) Library Advisory Committees shall meet at least three (3) times a year at the call of the Chairman.