Snow & Ice Removal Update

Good update on snow and ice removal status this morning (Dec 23) by Manager of Streets Maintenance. Thanks CJOB for covering!

SPECIFIC to Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater, Prairie Pointe, South Pointe and streets that are prone to snow drifting:

Winnipeg’s street system is cleared based on a priority system. For complete details see: Snow

Priority 1 Streets (P1)

  • Includes all regional streets (major routes) and, as of 2019

 Priority 2 Streets (P2)

  • Includes non-regional bus routes and collector streets based on traffic counts; some streets in industrial areas are exceptions to the standard.

 Back Lanes

  • Generally, back lane plowing occurs concurrently with P1 and P2 streets,  usually following a 5 cm snowfall accumulation or equivalent local drifting conditions.

 Residential Streets – are a Priority 3 and on average, occur on average only 2-3 times a year (pending snow accumulation):

  • City of Winnipeg Snow & Ice Removal Policy states Plowing on P3 streets begins usually following a 10 cm snowfall accumulation or equivalent local drifting conditions. Plowing of residential streets averages a few times a year. There is always a large media blitz as you must remove your vehicle from the street, or be ticketed and towed.
  • If the snow drifts on residential streets creating blockage, please contact

Sidewalks and Pathways:

  • This is the second year the City of Winnipeg is plowing ALL sidewalks and pathways – yahoo!
  • See details on priorities, but bottom line – all will be plowed:  Sidewalk Priorities