Residents’ Advisory Groups

Prior to being elected, I worked as a community fundraiser and project manager for many residential groups seeking to build, improve and strengthen their community (see Experience on my website). Residents’ advisory groups are the voice of their community:  they represent the grass roots, the heart and soul of their neighbourhoods.

Residents’ advisory groups provide a united voice on many fronts, and perform a number of vital functions:

  • Focus the community on special initiatives  (i.e. celebrations, issues, opportunities)
  • Look within their community to encourage, foster and develop a network to discuss issues affecting the interests of the community
  • Represent the community to levels of governments, industry, and local business

Residents’ Advisory Groups

In the South Winnipeg–St. Norbert Ward, we have many established residents’ advisory groups (see Resident Groups), and I am in the process of hopefully creating a few more.  I’m very interested in supporting the development of three new residents’ advisory groups in the Waverley West and Waverley Heights communities:

  • South Pointe Residents’ Advisory Group (formal name to be determined by each group)
  • Bridgwater Lakes Residents’ Advisory Group
  • Waverley Heights Residents’ Advisory Group

Waverley West is a brand new residential development with multiple communities, and much is happening related to the building of new schools, recreational facilities (see Waverley West Recreational Campus), businesses, libraries and more.

Most residents’ groups meet once every month or two to discuss topics of interest.  I would be able to arrange a meeting room at a local community centre, school or library.  One of the first things I’d be interested in discussing is the development of a comprehensive recreation facility.

If you are interested in being a part of positive change for your community, please E-Mail with the following information:

  • Provide your name, address and contact information
  • Confirm which group you are interested in:  South Pointe, Bridgwater Lakes or Waverley Heights
  • Describe your concerns, ideas and where your interests are related to your community (a short paragraph is fine)

I look forward to receiving your feedback!



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