Updates on Skating – Video

Updates on skating!  Excellent video explanation by Mr. Jay Shaw, Assistant Chief of Emergency Management – City of Winnipeg.

The City and Province have clarified regulations around skating on public rinks:

  • Signs will be put up at facilities, clearly indicating the rules
  • It will be up to the individuals to ensure that they are complying with the health orders and not up to the owners of the rinks to monitor
  • By law officers will be roving around the city observing
  • Bathrooms will NOT be available

In South Winnipeg – public rinks will be open shortly (pending cold weather support from Mother Nature!)  Rinks are located at:

South Winnipeg Community Center

  • Waverley Heights site (1885 Chancellor Dr)
  • Silverstone site (666 Silverstone Ave)
  • Ryerson site (10 Ryerson Ave)

Whyte Ridge Community Center (170 Fleetwood Rd)

In addition to the community center skating rinks, each Councillor can install two pleasure rinks in the ward.  This year the two pleasure rinks for public use will be located at:

  • Bridgwater Lakes, across from Water Bend Park on the corner of Sablewood Rd and Bridge Lake Dr (same location as last year)
  • Kirkbridge Park, on the baseball diamond located by the parking lot on Marrington Rd.

The pleasure rinks are located on these sites this year to allow for maximum access for the public, and maximum access to nearby public parking spots.

Happy Skating!