What Kind Of Crimes Are Occurring In Waverley West?

I have confirmed with our West District Inspector that these two websites are kept current and updated. Primarily the crime we are experiencing in South Winnipeg are:

  • Stolen vehicles
  • Break-ins of houses and garages

But know that there are other crimes occurring, just not to the frequency as stolen vehicles and break ins. It  is also  important to note, compared to the entire City of Winnipeg, we have extremely  low crime rates. The map reflects that quite clearly.

Crime Stat Map: https://www.winnipeg.ca/police/crimestat/viewMap.aspx

  • This map identifies the top crimes.
  • Click on the ‘Community’ filter and select ‘Fort Garry’ to see the crime in Waverley West – or add another filter and see crime activities in your specific neighbourhood.

(note: the category ‘Break and Entry Other’ represents break-ins to detached garages)

E-Watch Reports: https://winnipeg.ca/police/ewatch/default.aspx

  • These reports show SPECIFIC streets where the crime has occurred and focuses on two specific crimes:
  1. Stolen Vehicles
  2. Break and Entries.
  • Waverley West is in in the WEST Police District – ensure you click on the right district.

To SUBSCRIBE to E-Watch reports (once every two weeks) sign up here and check the E-Watch box at the bottom of the list. https://winnipeg.ca/wpgmail/subscribe_all.stm?elist=21#ewatch