2016 Spring Cleaning -AND- Reporting Property Damage

The snow is gone for another season and a lot is being revealed! This update will provide an overview of what to expect related to the City of Winnipeg’s annual spring cleaning as well as the process for reporting damage due to snow removal.


City-Wide Spring Cleanup Begins April 17 

The 2016 spring cleanup is scheduled to start on Sunday, April 17, weather permitting (a month earlier than last year!).  It takes about 5-6 weeks to clean up our entire City.  The $6 million cleanup operation involves 300+ pieces of equipment and about 500 staff, including both City and contractor personnel.

Crews will initially focus on major routes, bridges, overpasses and the downtown area.  It’s a big job to remove 45,000 tonnes of sand and debris from sidewalks, active transportation pathways, boulevards/medians on main routes, bus routes and collector streets, and City parks. As an example of the massive undertaking, here is a partial list of roadways and sidewalks that are cleaned:

  • Regional streets                            748 kms
  • Collector streets/bus routes       712 kms
  • Residential streets                     1,852 kms
  • Alleys/Backlanes                           915 kms
  • Sidewalks                                     2,588 kms

Cleanup of residential boulevards is limited to areas where there is excessive accumulation of sand (more than 2 wheelbarrows).  Specific details, including photos of what is and isn’t excessive, is available on the City’s website SEE HERE.   Please call 311 or email 311@winnipeg.ca to request an inspection of a residential boulevard if it appears there is an excessive amount of debris which meets the criteria.

IMPORTANT:  Citizens are urged not to rake yard waste material or other debris onto streets as this can plug drains and cause pooling problems as well as increase the risk of basement flooding.  In addition, motorists are reminded to use extreme caution around heavy equipment operating throughout the city over the coming weeks.


Some Areas Not Cleaned? Report Them to 311 After May 1!

PLEASE ALLOW TWO WEEKS  for the spring cleaning process to be undertaken by contractors and the City departments.   After May 1, if you notice any areas that have not been cleaned, please report them by calling 311 or emailing 311@winnipeg.ca.

The street cleaning program provides a healthy and safe environment for Winnipeggers by protecting water quality, preventing damage to regional and residential pavements, and minimizing the burden of debris entering the storm sewer system.  If you would like more details, please SEE HERE


Damage Due to Snow Removal Operations

It is inevitable following a winter in Winnipeg, that some damage to roads and lawns will occur due to snow removal.  Snow removal operators do their best to navigate massive pieces of equipment through streets, back lanes and on sidewalks, but occasionally, curbs are hit and sections of lawn are damaged.

Throughout winter and during the spring clean-up process, street inspectors regularly inspect areas for damage and will report them for repair.  Occasionally, they may miss a spot where damage has occurred – remember, there are thousands of km of street curbs and lawns abutting to streets/sidewalks that require inspection.

If you see damage, please document and report it as outlined below:

Damage to Curbs and Public Greenspace:

  • Take a photo, provide the exact location, and report it to 311 by emailing 311@winnipeg.ca  The Public Works Department will work with contractors and City staff to have the area repaired.

Damage to Private Property:

  • Take a photo, provide the exact address, and report it to 311 by emailing 311@winnipeg.ca   Winnipeg’s 311 Service Centre will provide you with a claims form for completion.  A claims inspector will come out to assess the area, and investigate your concerns.  For more info, see Property Damage Claims.


PLEASE NOTE: Repairs will occur during the summer construction period – there are crews that go out to different areas of the City.  It is hard to pinpoint an exact date the repair will occur, as this type of work is weather dependent.


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