YOUR INPUT on the Development Application Notification Process

The City is looking at ways to improve public NOTIFICATION of land development so processes are as open and transparent as possible. Often, small yellow signs are posted indicating there is a development application. Sometimes depending on the side of lot or development, larger white 4’ x 8’ notifications are posted.  Many times the public is unaware of proposed development details and are not sure when they can provide input into the development application. Councillors are not able to speak to either the public or developer when an application is made and a public hearing is pending, which can cause much misunderstanding and distrust about the development.

The City is conduction a ‘Development Application Notification Review’ to look at ways to improve public notification of land development. The review will do this through investigating best practices with advertising, signage, and content and collecting input through public engagement. Land development includes variances, conditional uses, rezoning, and subdividing of land.

Please provide us with your thoughts – an online survey will be open from May 28 to June 18, 2018. If you have inquiries or if you require alternate formats to participate, please call 204-986-4243 or email

For complete details on this Citywide initiative, please see Development Application Notification Review