Developing Land in Waverley West Neighbourhood B

The City of Winnipeg is undertaking a process to develop a Secondary Plan By-law for the area known as Waverley West Neighbourhood ‘B’.   A Secondary Plan By-law relates to land use and provides policy direction on how land is to be developed (ie: location of roads, water and sewer pipes, parks, residential and commercial areas, schools and recreation complex sites, etc.).

Neighbourhood ‘B’ is one of seven neighbourhoods and the final one to be developed in the Waverley West area of SW Winnipeg.  The other neighbourhoods which have already been developed are Bridgwater Forest, Bridgwater Lakes, Bridgwater Trails, Bridgwater Centre, South Pointe and Prairie Pointe.

The City is leading this process and has hired a consulting firm to assist. A series of consultations and workshops with landowners and the public have started. For complete details, see:

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