Elementary & High School Site Plan Approval

On Wednesday, March 3rd, detailed site plans were approved for the new elementary and high school in Waverley West B.  A robust team of presenters discussed many details about the both schools, including traffic flows, landscaping, site servicing, the child care center, the before and after school capacity, and much more.  See the Public Services report recommending approval:  Site Plan Approval

Many good questions were asked about site details, traffic flow and more.

One of the main concerns around existing schools is the traffic flow of pedestrians, vehicles, and school busses. A very comprehensive study was done by an international award winning Morr Consulting – and best practices were applied to the school sites.

For many years prior to being elected, I worked with parent advisory committees on ‘Active and Safe Routes to School’ in the Pembina Trails School Division. I am very pleased with what has been incorporated into the site design ensuring safety for all.  I think this is setting a gold standard for Winnipeg.

Note that a child care facility and vocational building will be constructed, but not at the same time as the elementary and high school. The Province is applying for funding support from the Federal government and details are still being worked through. Additional details on these two facilities are discussed in detail in the video. Further questions on these two facilities can be directed to:

There are many permits to be issued, underground servicing to install and temporary roads to be constructed. The land developer (Qualico) expects construction to start this years. Pembina Trails representative Ms Lisa Bowles indicated, if construction starts this spring –the elementary school would take 12 to 14 months to build, with opening expected in September 2022.  With the high school being larger, it is anticipate to take 14 to 18 months to build, with opening in January 2023.

In conclusion, this is another major step in the development of the two schools. The recreation complex and fire hall will soon follow in this site making it a hub of activity in southwest Winnipeg.