First Multifamily Development in Bison Run

The first multifamily development has been approved in the new neighbourhood of Bison Run! Access to this new development will be from Lee Blvd and Frontier Road. The site is approximately 8.4 acres and is being rezoned to have three separate lots. Lot 1 is zoned multi-family small, lot 2 is multifamily large, and the lot on the corner of Lee and Waverley is zoned C2 – and will be a commercial area that could potentially have apartments above the commercial area. No apartments are currently planned for the commercial site.

Lot 1 building will be three storeys high with will include 61 townhouse units. Lot 2 will be six storeys in height and will include 180 apartment units, and the commercial building will have 14 commercial units.

There will be a total of 80 indoor bike parking spots for the apartments, with 16 outdoor spots. The developer will also be planting 66 trees along Lee Blvd., double the number the by law requires.

The subdivision and rezoning occurred in August 2022 – See complete plan details.