Residential Streets Public Speed Discussion – Waverley West

DATE:  Tuesday, August 27th , 2019
TIME:  6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Water Bend Park – Bridgwater Lakes Fountain

To the residents of the Waverley West ward:

You are invited to join me at Water Bend Park, beside Bridgwater Lakes Fountain to discuss your concerns about residential speeding.

I invited a representative from Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) to attend and speak about what tools MPI has to educate and create awareness on road safety, BUT – they are unable to attend the August event because, in their words:

  • Out of respect and compliance for the policy-based restrictions on government and Crown Corporation advertising/announcements/publications implemented on July 12, MPI will not be participating as public consultations are not generally recommended nor allowed during this restriction period. During this time, public announcements and public promotion of programs and activities are to be avoided, and as such, MPI will be abiding by the general guidelines of the policy.
  • However, as-per your invitation request attached, MPI will be pleased to provide a response to you in writing to address your inquiries about speed related education and awareness.

So – MPI will not be attending. Frankly I find that ridiculous that they cannot attend to share education and awareness information on road safety because of the Provincial election.

  • But – I will be in attendance to hear your concerns about speeding on residential streets. I will provide you information on what the City is doing to deal with residential street speeding issues.

I will hold another meeting after the Provincial election, and will invite a representative from MPI to attend and provide an update on what they are doing to educate, and what tools they have for neighbourhoods to become active in building awareness on the dangers of speeding in residential neighbourhoods. Part of MPI’s mandate is to provide education on road safety issues.

See you on Tuesday evening, August  27th!