South Winnipeg Recreation Campus – Update & Next Steps

A brief update on the South Winnipeg Recreational Campus. Since 2014, I’ve posted updates on my website regarding the long and complicated process – from lifting a clause prohibiting development, to acquiring City land (19 acres), to partnering with the Province on the joint construction of the schools and recreation campus (25 acre site), through a neighbourhood planning process, changing site locations of the schools, to a public hearing, to refining development cost sharing agreements. Taking an open prairie field and moving it through the many development processes to the point of installation of pipes and roads is no easy short term process.
Before a shovel was even put in the ground for the first home in Waverley West, the City had identified a recreation shortage.The process to develop a recreation campus started prior to 2008 – and now we are closer now than ever to opening the land for construction of the recreation campus and elementary and high school sites.


In June 2019, Council unanimously approved the Waverley West B Secondary Plan, laying out where roads, and development types/zoning  would occur. This was a 1.5 year planning process that had to occur before a road or drainage pipe went in the ground. This process formed the ‘bones’ of the new development.


  • The City, Qualico (largest land owner and developer) and the Province of Manitoba are in discussions as to which roads will be constructed (Bison, North Town, Lee), the sewer pipe size, and other cost sharing development details. Developing a  400 acres multi-million dollar development requires many steps
  • The City and Province are also working with architects and planners to plan and design facilities for an:
  • Elementary School
  • Day Care
  • High School (announced March 2018) that will be JOINED to a
  • Multi-use/multi-generational recreation campus that includes a lap tank, leisure pool, fitness space, walking/running track and gymnasium, a community library and community recreation program space that includes multiple gymnasiums and multi-purpose spaces, adjacent athletic fields and park space and a potential future twin arena. Collaborative planning of the 19 acre City property and adjacent 25 acre PTSD (Pembina Trails School Division) property will allow for shared parking, servicing, and site amenities joint use space and reduced duplication of spaces.
  • The City also is in partnership discussions with the YM/YWCA to provide aquatic services.

To date, the City has set aside approximately $30M to invest in the recreation campus. The estimated cost is $100+M.

Provincial funding is being allocated for the elementary, high school and day care. For details on projected opening dates of schools, please contact the Ward 3 Trustees of the PTSD


The City is working with the Federal and Provincial governments to secure funding for the $100+M for the recreation campus.

  • The Government of Canada has a federal funding program that supports recreational infrastructure: the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).
  • The Province of Manitoba thru the Manitoba Strategic Infrastructure Secretariat administers the ICIP federal funding program on behalf of the Federal government
  • In order to access the Federal funding, the City must prioritize which City projects they want funded, and then submit the prioritized list to the Province of Manitoba. See list of Unfunded Major Capital Projects (page 19).
  • The Province will then review the City’s request of prioritized projects, then the Province will compile and submit a final list to the Federal government.

September 2019: City Council will be prioritizing City projects to submit for Federal and Provincial funding.

October 2019: City will submit a request/application to the Province with Council approved priorities to be funded by the Federal ICIP funding program. The Province will review, and most likely add some Provincial priorities to the application and determine their funding allocation. The Federal ICIP program funds approximately 40% of a project cost.

So in summary, a lot going on right now. All levels of government recognize the pressure to move forward with the construction of an elementary and high school. The City is under extreme pressure to provide recreational services to 40,000+ residents. Nothing can start till the roads and sewer pipes go in – and these details are under discussion. Exciting times!

When Federal and Provincial candidates come to the door asking for your vote, tell them you need their support in funding the South Winnipeg Regional Recreation Campus. SEE ELECTION 2019