The ‘Next New Neighbourhood’ in Waverley West

I find the development process, whether it be construction of buildings, transforming empty fields into neighbourhoods, or the planning of community amenities a fascinating and complex process.

So much development is happening in our community and I like to share as much as I can with you – the problem is keeping up with what’s happening – because so much is happening!

This is another very significant and exciting development.

You will recall Waverley West B (the large area of fields in Waverley West) just recently underwent a year’s worth of planning with landowners, Qualico and the City to determine zoning areas, road locations, drainage and more! Over the past few years, Qualico has amassed a large parcel of land in this area that they are proposing to develop into a new neighbourhood.

Last week Qualico held an open house proposing their first phase of development in the ‘Waverley West B’ area. You can see all the story boards with details that were presented here: Waverley West ‘B’ Area Story Boards

Many community members attended the open house to look and offer comments.

Qualico takes the feedback and incorporates it into their design and will be coming forward with a final plan sometime in the new year. Watch for large signs to be posted on Waverley with details of an upcoming public hearing.

The Waverley West Neighbourhood B Secondary Plan establishes a vision for development within the Secondary Plan area and provides objectives and policies to guide development and achieve this vision over several years.

Qualico’s development concept must reflect the planning vision and guiding principles that the Secondary Plan has laid out for the area.

This first phase of development is very significant for the community in that Qualico is responsible for constructing the roads in this development (right now an empty field).

The roads will enable access to the school and recreation campus sites. These important facilities (schools, child care & rec campus) can’t be constructed until the roads are built.

You can see how everything is interconnected in some way. When I look at all these drawings and designs, I wonder how fast this new neighbourhood will develop. Will it be as fast as the others – or faster – or slower? Many realtors attended the open house wondering the same!

Also note – this new neighbourhood will have an exciting name that I anticipate will be announced in the near future! ‘Waverley West B’ just doesn’t have the marketing sizzle needed for a beautiful new neighbourhood.