Waverley West ‘B’ Secondary Plan – Final Approvals

Unanimous Council approval on June 20th to proceed with the 7th & final neighbourhood (Waverley West ‘B’) in the community of Waverley West.

See final approval plans (June 20, 2019):

Over a year of consultations and discussions with landowners, developers and City staff on how to plan and transform 400 acres into a new neighbourhood. One of the first ‘City led’ neighborhood plans in decades-applying best practices of neighbourhood development- under the larger Waverley West Area Structure Plan

It’s been an incredible experience to participate in the City led planning of this final phase. I recall back in 2009 I attended Riel Community Committee meetings that went beyond midnight- I was advocating for lots of trails & pathways. In a ‘never in my wildest dreams’ moment – could I ever have imagined I’d be part of seeing the last phase planned out!

One of my highlights in the planning of this last phase is to have been able to ensure Lee Blvd was zoned as a special ‘Lee Blvd Estate’ area allowing the trees & natural habitat to remain in perpetuity. HUGE thanks to Jean A Paterson for YEARS of engagement, education & meaningful discussion on development of Waverley West. Jean you are always a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to SO many – and the true architect behind ‘Lee Blvd Estates’ We all thank you!!

Passing this area structure plan now enables the pipes to be installed, roads to be constructed & the desperately needed schools & regional recreation campus to be constructed.

A lot can be said – and has – and will continue to be said about Waverley West!

Today, it is the most desirable area of the City to live in. It’s growing twice as fast as has been projected, it’s taught the City valuable lessons on growth – and is an incredibly special place for so many young families. The world comes together in Waverley West as we welcome new Canadians from every corner of our planet. Congratulations to everyone involved in this process!