Waverley West B In Final Planning Stages

We are now entering the final planning stages of just over 430 acres of land in the last developable area in the community of Waverley West. Extensive work by the City Planning department, the public, consultants and Qualico are now passing through the various levels of City approvals.

  • May 15th, 2019 – A public hearing was held to review, comment on and make changes if any – to just over a year’s worth of engagement and work by all
  • May 27th, 2019 – The Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development, Heritage, and Downtown Development approved the plan
  • June 11th – The Mayor and his Executive Policy Committee deliberate on
  • June 20th – Council approval

When the plan receives Council approval, development can begin on sewer and water installations and construction of roads.  The first two roads to be constructed will be the extension of North Town Rd and a section of Lee Blvd. These roads will initially serve the soon to be constructed new high school, elementary school and community center.  I receive many questions on when Bison Road will be developed. It’s a difficult question to answer because it depends on how fast land is sold – but I expect in the next 6-8 years! That’s just my ‘non expert planner and economist’ opinion!

I encourage you to read the City’s Report as it contains some very insightful information on the Waverley West development.  You may also want to review the Neighbourhood B Secondary Plan (item 24 and attachments) as it provides an interesting history of development in the area – most notably that in 2006 it was estimated that Waverley West would take approximately 25 years to build out!

Here we are just 13 years after the initial approval of the ENTIRE Waverley West area – and this last parcel of land and part of Prairie Pointe are the only areas left for development.