Welcome Bison Run! (formerly Waverley West B)

Six+ years in the making and finally – a brand new neighbourhood is emerging!  This is a new Qualico Community – Qualico is the major land owner in this area and is calling their new development Bison Run. Qualico has invested years of expertise, insight and planning into the development of this new neighbourhood.

The Southwest quadrant of Winnipeg is growing at a rapid rate! A recent Population Report identified the city grew by 40,679 people since the 2016 census and July of 2020. Of those 40,679 people, 27% (11,171) people moved into the Waverley West ward! This helps explain the rapid growth and development we are seeing with new apartments and communities like Bison Run!

Open prairie fields are being transformed with the first phase of development starting just off of Lee Blvd. Land is being moved, pipes are being hauled in, and roads are being constructed! Interested homebuyers can sign-up for e-news on their website or contact Qualico directly at 204-254-9225 or email info@bisonrun.com. You can see details of Qualico’s new development at Bison Run.

For details on Subdivision and Rezoning – Phase One, see Waverley West ‘B’ (Phase One)

In addition to the new homes that will be built, the new roads will enable access to the sites of the new schools, recreation campus and fire hall (see Recreation Campus Video ) The community of Bison Run is expected to take between 20-25 years to build out, BUT the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater also was anticipated to take 20-25 years, and essentially sold out in less than 15 years!   I look forward to seeing many new families move into this beautiful new community! Congratulations Qualico! Welcome to Southwest Winnipeg!