Bridgwater Trails Tennis Courts

June 10, 2024 UPDATE:

The tennis courts are scheduled to begin construction on Monday June 24th, site fencing may be up as early as June 21st.

April 3, 2024 UPDATE: 

Two new tennis courts which can also be used as pickleball courts – will be installed in summer 2024 at the north end of Bhagat Singh Park on Appleford Gate in Bridgwater Trails!  With funding support from the Provincial Government, South Winnipeg Community Centre and City of Winnipeg,  these two tennis courts will be constructed and will be enclosed with fencing.

This will be the first set of tennis / pickleball courts to be installed in south Winnipeg – I know – long overdue!  We have two tennis courts in Waverley Heights, and in Ft Richmond, and now we will be able to play tennis in south Winnipeg. The nets will be designed to accommodate the very rapidly growing sport of pickleball!  Very exciting !