Enhanced Summer Bike Route Program Comes to Rose Lake Court

This year the City of Winnipeg is PILOTING an ‘Enhanced Summer Bike Route’  program on 17 streets in the City of Winnipeg.  Rose Lake Court (circular section) is one of the streets being PILOTED.

WHAT is an Enhanced Summer Bike Route ?

  • It is a street that limits motor vehicle traffic to one street block.
  • An informative vehicle barrier will be placed on the linear section of the east bound lane of Rose Lake Court at the intersection of Willow Creek Rd.
  • Vehicles will be able to turn around at either Willow Creek or at the top of Rose Lake Court.
  • Rose Lake Court will not be permanently closed to thru traffic – but limited to one block.
  • The barrier on Rose Lake Court at Willow Creek Rd will be a partial barrier and will allow passage of emergency vehicles, residents of Rose Lake Court, deliver vehicles and visitors to residents of Rose Lake Court
  • A sign will inform drivers that motor vehicle traffic is limited to one block between the hours of 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Limited access for motor vehicles will start in May, and will be in place 7 days a week through to end of October

WHY is the Enhanced Summer Bike Route being piloted on the circular section of Rose Lake Court?

  • The number of pedestrians and cyclists killed or injured in our city is increasing, and I am open to trying different initiatives to reduce hazardous conditions. SEE: The Toll on Our Roads
  • Waverley West has one of the best networks of walking and cycling pathways, so many in fact that there is a congestion of walkers, cyclists and vehicles at Rose Lake Court by the fountain and park.
  • If you review the attached maps, you will see dozens of kilometers of pathways and sidewalks converge at Rose Lake Court – where the fountain and park is located.
  • Over the years, and more so in the past two years as more and more homeowners have move in, my office has received many many calls on near misses of vehicles and pedestrians and cyclists around the fountain and park on Rose Lake Court.
  • The volume of pedestrians and cyclists, combined with motor vehicles is creating hazardous conditions for the ‘vulnerable road users’ – the cyclists and pedestrians.
  • I am supportive of this PILOT project to see if it can reduce the congestion and hazardous conditions for the vulnerable road users. It may work, it may not – but if we don’t try we won’t know.
  • I am supportive of the PILOT to see what we can learn.

WHERE will I park my vehicle if I am driving to the park and fountain?

  • Parking is located on many streets throughout the neighbourhood. People are able to park and access the many pathways and sidewalks to reach the fountain and park.
  • The distance to access the park and fountain is in close proximity to many parking spots throughout the neighbourhood.
  • This is not a restriction of any kind to the park and fountain – it is a PILOT looking to provide safer conditions for vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists).
  • There are many parks features in City of Winnipeg parks that require people to walk or cycle to.
  • If a driver has a handicap sticker – and choses to legally park on a public road, of course the Parking Authority will not ticket.

HOW will limiting motor vehicle traffic to one block be monitored ?

  • Limiting vehicles to one street block is enacted by a by law. Throughout the City, on virtually all of the 17 streets that are part of the Enhanced Bike Program, By law enforcement officers will be encouraging people to follow the by law.
  • Resources are always constrained, but there will be periodic monitoring.
  • Rose Lake Court (circular section) is unique in that the cul de sac is included in the one block.
  • We are hoping people will respect the signage and the intent & spirt of the program.


  • The City and I are very interested in your feedback on this PILOT program
  • We expect there will be an adjustment period where people are learning more about the Enhanced Summer Bike Route program
  • Please send any comments or feedback to 311 or 311@winnipeg.ca  or jlukes@winnipeg.ca
  • We will be collecting feedback over the duration of the PILOT.
  • Please know – PILOTS provide a wide range of insight on not only one project, but can bring forward  / stimulate other ideas and actions that can benefit the community and our overall quality of life.