Expanding Transit to Bridgwater Trails

Please know I am working to have an expansion of transit into Bridgewater Trails neighbourhood. Our neighbourhoods are growing so rapidly it seem we are always playing catch up with transit. For transit to be effective, there needs to be enough people who are looking to use the service. We’ve seen much construction over the past few years, and I believe we have reached the point where transit can now be expanded.  I’ve been receiving many calls and through a motion to Transit, I have directed them to investigate how expansion can be accommodated.

In discussions with transit officials, they feel this is possible and are now researching the best methods / routes to expand the service. They will be looking at expanding either routes:

  • 676
  • 672
  • 671

I expect we will have an update in the coming months. Transit usually makes changes to a route in the fall. I expect expansion to occur in Fall 2022. I will keep residents updated on new developments.