Mowing in Bridgwater Trails

The majority of Bridgwater Trails’ public greenspace is still under the ownership, and maintenance responsibility – of the developer (Manitoba Housing – a division of the Province of Manitoba).

The bulk of the public areas – beside pathways, soccer fields, boulevards, and medians are to be maintained by Manitoba Housing.
The GREEN color in the map identifies the City’s responsibility to mow.

  • All other areas are the responsibility of Manitoba Housing.

I have been contacting Manitoba Housing’s primary contact to see action on mowing – I highly encourage  you to do the same:

When new sub divisions are constructed, the developer, in this case – Manitoba Housing – is responsible for the planting, care and maintenance of grass until it is established and meets the city’s criteria as set out in the development agreements (i.e.: specific grass types / limited number of weeds per sq. ft., etc.) When the developer feels they have met the criteria, they request the City to inspect.

If the grass meets the standards laid out in the development agreement, the City takes ownership, and then the responsibility to maintain. There are many features in Bridgwater Trails that are still under Provincial responsibilities – the fountain, the soccer fields, native plants and grasses in the park, and various boulevards and medians. Bridgwater Trails Community