The Tradition

On Dec 2nd, at the Assiniboia Community Committee (where I represent the Waverley West ward’s local issues) the committee approved the site plans for a residential complex on Appleford Gate just west of the Bison roundabout. Deveraux Group is the development company who will be building this complex. Construction is expected to start this spring. You may be familiar with Deveraux developers as they have recently built a beautiful complex of apartments and a club house just to the east on Bison and Bridgelake Drive.

Deveraux is approved to construct a multi-family residential development, which will consist of eight (8) separate multi-family residential buildings with a total of 270 residential units. In addition to the residential buildings, Deveraux will be constructing a club house for the use of the residents of the proposed development. The club house will include a gymnasium, pool room and lounge area, as well as leasing office for the proposed development.The club house is to be located on the southerly portion of the subject property, and will be one (1) storey in height.

There will be 380 parking stalls, with a total of 88 stalls to be located underground in proposed Buildings 1 and 2. The remaining 292 stalls are to be surface stalls. Deveraux is providing a total of 52 bicycle parking stalls (32 underground) and additionally Deveraux will be providing a car share service where tenants can rent an onsite vehicle.

I expect these units will be in high demand. The site is unique in that one side of the residential complex faces the park, one side faces Brady Rd and open fields, and the third side faces the yet to be constructed Bison Rd. That section of Bison will probably remain as a field for many years as the City has no intentions of accumulating land in the RM of McDonald anywhere in the short or long term. Public works and Fire Paramedics are reviewing the inner transportation plan in detail as this site has only one entrance / exit.  As more details become available, I will update you.

For complete details please see: Bison and Appleford Gate Plans