Traffic Study – Appleford Gate between Brace Bridge Road and Bison Drive

For the past two years I’ve received calls from residents informing me that vehicles speed down Appleford Gate. The road design, combined with the open space created  an environment conducive to speeding on Appleford Gate. Speeding anywhere is not good, and not good in front of a park where many people walk and cycle to for recreational purposes.

On September 28, 2018, I moved a motion to have the Winnipeg Public Service  conduct a traffic study on Appleford Gate, and to look at the installation of speed tables to calm traffic speeds.

On March 3, 2020, the Public Service recommended two options (see Full report). The Engineer’s Report contains visual images of both options and discusses advantages and disadvantages of each. I have met with the Public Service, discussed the report, and the Public Service will be proceeding with the installation of speed tables – see Option 1.

Option 1: Speed Tables on Appleford Gate

Option 1 would see five speed tables introduced on Appleford Gate. The tables are spaced at roughly 125-metre intervals as per City guidelines. This option could be staged with the middle three speed tables installed between Bonny Brook Road and Rose Lake Court initially, and then a fourth or fifth speed table added to the north or south if desired speeds are not achieved along the full length of Appleford Gate. Where possible, the speed tables are near streetlights. Option 1 also proposes a curb extension in the northeast corner of the Appleford Gate and Rose Lake Court intersection to improve pedestrian and cyclist visibility, decrease pedestrian and cyclist crossing distance, and narrow the roadway to reduce the speed at the multi-use path crossing.