2018-2022 Councillor Term Summary – Bridgwater Centre

This is a very very brief summary of key issues I’ve been working on specific to the Bridgwater Centre neighbourhood, and initiatives that I look forward to working on. I am very thankful to have had the support of many many residents who’ve been also working to make our neighbourhoods safer, healthier and a great place to live and play! Thank you!


Neighbourhood Safety

  • Over the past four years, I’ve hosted multiple community events and produced videos on crime prevention, your role in crime prevention, what is happening in our neighbourhood and more.
  • To review many updates on crime, please go to www.JaniceLukes.ca and use the search engine and enter the word CRIME
  • The Waverley West ward is one of the safest areas of Winnipeg – but we still have crime. I will continue to host education events, and work with any groups of residents who want to develop a more detailed crime prevention plan for their neighbourhoods.
  • A total of $18 million has been secured for a portable and permanent fire station in the Waverley West ward. Construction will start on the portable station on 2023.



  • New roads, new drivers and the need for speed is an ongoing battle. I’ve had engineers conduct many traffic studies over the past four years, and we’ve implement traffic calming on some key streets.
  • To review many updates and progress on speeding, please go to www.JaniceLukes.ca and use the search engine and enter the word SPEED
  • I’ve worked with Winnipeg Police Service to raise the awareness of speeding issues, and have been successful in seeing a reduction if speeders due to good enforcement by the Winnipeg Police Service.
  • Regrettably, speed will always be an issue on new streets, and this battle will continue.


Recreation & Parks

  • $100 million in funding has been secured for a new recreation center, to be located beside the new elementary and high school just south of Bridgwater Forest. Public consultations will start early November 2022.
  • The developer (Manitoba Housing) still owns the parks / greenspace alongside the ponds in Bridgwater Centre. As soon as the City of Winnipeg takes ownership of the greenspace, I will be installing benches and more trees.


Active Construction Zone – Maintenance

  • Every lot in Bridgwater Centre has now been sold, and is – and will continue being an ‘active construction zone’ for the next few  years.
  • Enforcement of construction mess and materials primarily falls under Manitoba Housing and the Manitoba Homebuilders Association. I will be actively overseeing construction / street cleanliness and issues related to construction on a regular basis. Construction of large multifamily buildings are  – messy.
  • Over 75% of the greenspace is still the responsibility of the developer (Manitoba Housing) which means all maintenance is done by contractors under the direction of Manitoba Housing.
  • There are drainage issues which Manitoba Housing is dealing with, and there are tree replacements that are also occurring under Manitoba Housing.
  • Bridgwater Centre is the ‘diamond’ in the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater, and when construction finally finishes in the next few years, this will be one of the most desirable neighbourhoods to live in. Amenities, services, schools and community centre recreation will all be within walking distance.
  • I look forward to working with residents as we navigate construction season for a few more years!