Another Commercial Development on Centre Street

This development is located on the east side of Centre Street, at the northeast corner of Centre Street and South Town Road, in the Bridgwater Centre Neighbourhood.

The development includes two (2) separate one-storey commercial buildings at the central portion of the property. Of the two buildings, one will contain four (4) commercial retail units (CRUs), while the second will contain three (3) CRUs, for a total of seven (7) CRUs. The developer provided a total of 24 accessory parking stalls in association with the proposed commercial uses at 365 and 375 Centre Street. Of these 24 parking stalls, a total of two (2) stalls are to be designated accessible stalls. Additionally, there is a total of eight (8) outdoor bicycle parking stalls.

For more details, see 365 and 375 Centre Street.