Commercial Development at 355 Centre Street

This development is located on the east side of Centre Street, at the northeast corner of Centre Street and South Town Road, in the Bridgwater Centre Neighbourhood. The development at 355 Centre Streetwill include a four-storey mixed use commercial building at the
northwest corner of the subject site, near the intersection of Centre Street and South Town Road. The building will contain office uses on the upper floors, and a mix of office, retail, and restaurant uses on the ground floor. There will also be a one-storey commercial building located in the southerly portion of the subject site. This building will include four (4) commercial retail units.
A future extension of the building, to the east of the proposed building footprint, is identified as a future phase of development. Additionally, the site plan submitted shows four (4) sites for future standalone commercial buildings located along Centre Street. These future phases will be the subject of new plan approval application.

The developer will provide a total of 491 accessory parking stalls on the property. Of these 491 parking stalls, a total of 138 stalls are to be located underground, beneath the proposed four-storey building. The remaining 353 parking stalls are to be surface stalls. Of the 491 parking stalls to be provided, 12 regular accessible stalls and 6 van accessible stalls will be provided. Additionally, there will be a total of 74 bicycle parking stalls.

For more detials, please see 355 Centre Street.