New Commercial & Office Space in Bridgewater Town Centre

On Tuesday night, another new exciting development in Bridgwater Town Centre was approved!
The location of this new commercial (no residential) development is directly east of Altea Active – near Center Street and South Town Rd.



The first phase of development will consist of a mixed-use four-story building containing office space on the upper floors, and a mix of office, retail, and restaurant uses on the ground floor, with a total floor area of approximately 238,000 square feet. A one storey commercial building will also be constructed in the southerly portion of the site in the first phase. The one storey building will include four commercial retail units, each with a floor area of 1,250 sq. Ft. Parking for 491 vehicles has been approved, with 138 will located beneath the four-storey building. In addition, there will be parking for 74 bikes. The exterior of the four-story building will have a limestone and black brickwork modern finish. The interior courtyard area is designed to accommodate indoor restaurant seating, and also have limestone finishing on the walls.



Future phases of development will see the additional five commercial buildings. You may have noticed that underground work is occurring right now. Construction of the first two buildings is planned to start this spring. I’m thrilled to see this project take off as there is such a huge shortage of office space in Southwest Winnipeg. And of course, another new restaurant will be an exciting addition to the community!