Bridgwater Centre Apartments

On May 28, 2021, the Assiniboia Community Committee (where I represent the Waverley West ward’s local issues) approved the site plans for Park East Drive Mixed-Use Development. This development is located at the southeast corner of Park East Drive and Centre Street, in the Bridgwater Centre Neighbourhood and will be developed by Ironclad Developments.

This is a a mixed-use development which will contain both commercial and residential uses. The development will include two separate six (6) storey buildings: Building 1 will be oriented towards Centre Street and will contain 7 commercial units on the ground floor and multi-family residential uses on the upper floors. Building 2 will be oriented toward Park East Drive, will be a maximum and will contain multi-family residential uses exclusively.

There will be seven (7) commercial units on the ground floor of Building 1, with floor areas ranging in size from 827 square feet to 1,127 square feet. Each of the proposed commercial units are to be located on the ground floor of the proposed building. Each will be oriented to, and accessible from, the public sidewalk on Centre Street and Park East Drive.

The developer will provide a total of 155 residential dwelling units. Each of the proposed residential units are to be located on the upper floors of proposed Building 1 and all floors of Building 2. The residential units will be a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom units.

There will be a total of 204 accessory surface parking stalls, which are proposed to be located in underground and open surface level parking areas. The 204 parking stalls to be provided will consist of seven (7) regular accessible stalls, and two (2) van accessible stalls. Additionally, the applicant is providing a total of 95 bicycle parking stalls.

For complete details, see Plan Approval and Site Plans