Pedestrian Crossing on Centre Street between North Town Road and Park West Drive

Bridgwater Town Center is designed to be a very pedestrian oriented business hub. On either side of Center Street, there are plazas for people to gather. I’ve had residents ask why there is no center crosswalk to connect these plazas so residents can walk mid-way through the street. A recent street festival highlighted the need for this cut through.

On May 7, 2019, I moved a motion directing the Winnipeg Public Service to report back on the possibility of creating a signed pedestrian crossing through the median along Centre Street between North Town Road and Park West Drive at the east and west walkway entrances.

On February 4, 2020 the public service responded to the motion ( See Full Report) stating that at this time, criteria to install a signed pedestrian crossing was not met. The review of crossing control midblock on Centre Street indicates that the location is not currently warranted (didn’t meet criteria) for crossing control, based on City guidelines. The location will be added to the Public Works pedestrian crossing control priority list for future consideration based on land use and system connectivity needs after higher priority warranted locations have been addressed. The proposed future crossing control is a signed and marked crosswalk and will require boulevard and median construction to meet accessibility requirements. The crosswalk can be installed under the authority of the Public Works Department through the Traffic Engineering Improvement Program as resources and City-wide priorities allow.