The Heart of Bridgwaters

Centre Street in Bridgwater Town Centre is transforming into the busy ‘centre’ that was always envisioned!
All of the ‘Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater’ are developing sooner than ever projected, and are bringing more excitement, neighbours, and businesses to our community!

To date, 6 multi family apartments have been approved for Centre Street, just north of Jacobs Creek Rd – and are helping to fulfill the original vision set out. Additional lots have been sold and will also be coming forward for approvals for multi family units in the near future!

Centre Street will become an incredible living, shopping & dining & area in the heart of the Bridgwater’s!
I predict that in a short time, existing businesses who currently open to the parking lots will soon be opening their Centre Street doors to welcome the many new residents strolling the street!

Here are some highlights of the multi family complex that was approved today (attached photos provide visuals) and also see submission by developer:

11 commercial units on main floor
176 residential apartments
172 bicycle parking spaces
265 vehicle parking spots
10 electric vehicle parking spots
Indoor & outdoor doggie park
Child play area

Bravo to all the developers who are seeing the potential of this area and are investing in our community!