2022 Bridgwater Forest Fountain Update

I will provide some frank and pointed comments on the Bridgwater Forest Fountain. I, like many of you – have come to have a love / hate relationship with this fountain. We love the fountain – but hate when its not working. Every year I focus long and hard on getting the fountain running for the season. I’ve had successes, but have come to the conclusion that the fountain has some major structural flaws that are requiring significant repairs. We will have to make some significant decisions in the coming months.

Please see a DETAILED history I’ve been keeping, and a recent update from the CAO.



  • This year – a structural engineer was hired to do an in-depth analysis of the situation.  This will result in a report – identifying the issues, and repairs required to get the fountain up and running.
  • I will share updates from the report with residents when I receive the report and determine next steps.
  • Why didn’t the public service hire a structural engineer  -years ago to do an in-depth analysis years ago ? I am told the public service wanted to try all options possible in hopes of being able to resolve at lower costs to taxpayers.



  • Manitoba Housing has developed a simply stunning, beautiful community – BUT at the same time –  there have been incredible challenges in the quality of construction of many of the features in the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater.
  • Please be assured, we will work through the deficiencies  – it just takes time. And can be very frustrating.