2024 UPDATE Bridgwater Forest Fountain

I was elected on fixing this issue in 2014 and its beyond ridiculous that it is taking this long – but it becomes understandable when you follow the history of Bridgwater Forest Fountain, and the countless attempts to repair a fountain that was not constructed to City standards – and yet was approved by the City. Such a long story – BUT it continues with some good news for 2024!

  • Funding has been secured to proceed to rehabilitate the Fountain and surrounding pavers, bowl repairs and more.
  • The city will secure a contractor in the early summer of 2024, and will oversee repairs with the goal to have the fountain operating by late summer.

2022 Fountain Rehabilitation Study

  • City hired an engineer conduct a Fountain Rehabilitation Study. The study was to present repair options. City received the report in January 2023. Five options were presented with associated costs. I hosted an information evening with residents who lived in close proximity to the fountain to discuss.  We all agreed on Option 4 :

 Option #4: Complete CIPP Sleeving of the Existing Supply and Return Piping Only

  • The existing PVC supply and return piping between the pumphouse and water feature will be completely repaired. The supply and return piping will be repaired using a liner consisting of a spray-on-liner that is sprayed on the interior of the pipe with multiple passes to buildup the wall thickness. The liner is anticipated to have a useful service life equivalent to new pipe, or approximately 50 years. At this time a NSF-64 certified liner for potable water is not available so a risk assessment and an engineering judgement will be required to allow for a non-code compliant liner to be installed. This option is estimated to incur a minimum capital cost of $180,000 based on preliminary budgetary estimates. This would involve some digging to access the pipes, physical replacement of small portions of pipes in these access areas and the internal sleeving of the whole pipe system with a series of layers of thin “felt socks” and epoxy.  This would be installed with a mechanical device that pushes the felt sock ahead of it and sprays epoxy behind.
  • The company has suggested they could offer a ten year warranty on the sleeving work, barring failure from freeze cracking due to improper winterization.  This is estimated to cost between $65K and $85K.
  • There is also concrete sidewalks panel repairs, unit pavers to be levelled, asphalt to be re-laid, fountain bowl concrete repairs, the missing pillar and pergola timbers to be re-installed and general landscape clean-up to be performed.  This is estimated to cost between $85K and $135K.


This would bring the area back into an aesthetically pleasing condition with a fully functional landscape water spray fountain.