BLOWING SNOW in Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater & South Pointe

These new communities in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert ward have many open areas – open fields awaiting development, open areas with young small trees, and limited overall protection from wind. I am told by the City’s Public Works Department that snow removal occurs more frequently on streets in areas that blow in.

How do Snow Removal Operators Know Which Streets are Blown In?

There are two methods of notification:

  1. Street inspectors drive around and LOOK for areas that have been blown in.  Of course, I have to say that street inspectors cannot be everywhere and see everything on a City-wide basis.  I too drive around the ward frequently looking for many things, but I cannot be everywhere and see everything.
  2. Residents provide information to the City of Winnipeg on the areas requiring attention.

Recommendation to Residents

I am recommending that if residents see blown-in streets/sidewalks, please be diligent in calling  311 or email and requesting snow removal service.  As Winnipeg’s 311 service receives over 1 million phone calls each year, I suggest that you use E-Mail; it’s more convenient and you have a formal record of the request.

When you contact 311, CLEARLY identify where the blocked street or sidewalk is.  E-Mail a photo if you can.  If 311 and the Public Works Department doesn’t have a detailed description of the location, they can’t assist.  Also, feel free to copy me ( on the request so I am aware of the problem areas and the need for service.

Understanding the City’s Snow Removal Policy

The City’s streets have been classified in three categories of priorities (PI, PII, PIII) for snow removal.  See Snow Clearing and Ice Control policy for details.

Timeframe for snow/ice removal

  • 36 hours following the end of snow event:
    • Priority I and II roads as well as sidewalks/bike paths by these roads
    • Heavily used sidewalks around schools
  • Within 5 working days following the end of snow event:
    • Priority III roads as well as sidewalks around these roads

South Winnipeg–St. Norbert Ward Snow Removal

  • See map  – Priority I, II and III roads
  • See map  – Priority I, II and III sidewalks and enhanced routes (i.e. around schools)
  • See map –  Pathways in parks/open spaces
  • Find street priorities by searching for an address:  Citizens’ Information System

City-Wide Snow Removal

  • See map – Priority I, II and III roads
  • See map – Priority I, II and III sidewalks and enhanced routes (i.e. around schools)
  • See Map – Pathways in parks/open spaces
  • Find street priorities by searching for an address: Citizens’ Information System


Winter in Winnipeg is here, and plows are out on the streets and sidewalks.  Please be patient, and stay safe.