Bridgwater Forest Development

This development is located on the south side of Bridgeland Drive North, between Bridlewood Road and Prominence Point, in the Bridgwater Forest Neighbourhood. The developer will subdivide the existing lot and create 17 residential lots and one park lot. The 17 residential lots will retain Residential – Single-Family and the park lot will be rezoned to “PR-1” – Parks and Recreation (Neighbourhood).

Of the 17 residential lots proposed, 13 lots are to have frontage on a proposed public cul-de-sac that will be constructed on the site. This cul-de-sac will extend southward from Bridgeland Drive North, at a point that is aligned with the current intersection of Bridgeland and Beacham Crescent. The four remaining residential lots are to have frontage directly onto Bridgeland Drive North.

The proposed rezoning of a portion of the subject land to a “PR1-“ – Parks and Recreation (Neighbourhood) zone will accommodate new passive park uses on the subject site, and extend the existing passive park and active transportation (AT) networknorth to Bridgeland Drive, via the proposed new cul-de-sac. It is intended that this area will generally retain its existing nature features, including a number of mature trees.

For more details, see Bridgwater Forest Development