Drainage from Sump Pumps & Downspouts

Our office receives many questions from residents regarding drainage off properties, from both sump pumps and downspouts.  To assist, we are providing below some links to the Water and Waste Department’s page on the City of Winnipeg website.

Residential Lot Grading

It is important to grade your lot so that water flows away from your house but does not affect neighbouring properties, as outlined in the City of Winnipeg Lot Grading By-Law.  Note that you must obtain a Lot Grading Permit before building any new structures (a house or large addition), or proceeding with any lot grading changes that may alter the existing drainage patterns.  Click on the links below for specific details:

Sump Pump Discharge

Since 1990, City of Winnipeg by-laws require that all weeping tiles in new homes be connected directly to a sump pit with no connection between the sump pit and the house sewer.  It’s also necessary to put your sump pump hose in the right place.  Click on the links below for specific details:


It is against the City of Winnipeg Lot Grading By-law to drain water from your downspouts onto a neighbouring property, lane, boulevard, sidewalk, street or boulevard.  Click on the links below for specific details:


Additional Information

If your property has been recently certified and you have questions about your grading or are having some drainage problems, contact your builder or surveyor.

If you require technical advice, visit the City’s website to obtain a list of licensed sewer and water contractors.  Contractors that perform work on services, or install services that connect to the City sewer or water systems must be licensed by the City. 

For further information, please call 311 or E-Mail 311@winnipeg.ca





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