Future Development in Bridgwater Forest – Open House

The 6.9 acres of land off Bridgeland Drive North is owned by the Province of Manitoba.  Manitoba Housing, developer of the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater (www.bridgwaterneighbourhoods.com), initially had this land zoned for single-family residential.  While it was contemplated that Pembina Trails might use the site, it’s since been determined that a school will not be constructed.  As a result, development on this land will revert back to single-family residential.

To obtain the community’s input on their development plans, Manitoba Housing will be hosting an open house on May 3:

Date:  6:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Place:  Richmond Kings Community Centre, 666 Silverstone

I will be attending this event, and encourage community members to participate.  This is YOUR opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the development.

Bridgwater Open House Notice - May 3 2017


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