Bridgwater Forest – My Comments On New Bus Routes – Please Share Yours


TODAY Transit starts a series of ‘public engagements’ regarding the PROPOSED bus route changes to connect to the new SouthWest transitway opening in 2020. These public engagements will take place in a converted BUS – find the ‘Ideas in Motion Bus’ at a variety of locations THIS week and NEXT week – see complete list of locations: Bus Routes Are Changing In Southwest Winnipeg

TODAY the bus will be at U of Manitoba – University Station between 12:00 – 2:30

SATURDAY the bus will be in Bridgwater Centre on Centre Street @ Northtown Road 2:00 – 4:00 PM

I have had a chance to review in detail and speak with transit staff on the proposed routes. Overall, I believe the proposed route changes will dramatically improve transit Southwest Winnipeg. Buses will run on a much higher frequency in the neighbourhood and essentially ‘shuttle’ you to the main line – the Blue Line.

BUT – there are some challenges for transit users in Bridgewater Forest that I wanted to bring to your attention:


ONLY peak times are being PROPOSED for the northern residents of Bridgwater Forest:
ONLY morning and afternoon rush hours –

NO bus service for:
– midday
– evenings
– late night or
– weekends
See these maps. I have a problem with this:

IF you live in the northern part of Bridgwater Forest – many will have to walk over 1 km to access transit running on Bridgeland Drive South – residents on:
– Beechham Road
– Abbeydale Road
– Bridgeland Drive North
– Bridlewood Road
– Kentlawn Road
– Highland Creek Road

Note that you can short cut through some pathways, but still the distance is greater than the recommended 400 meters to transit.

I welcome any FEEDBACK you have – please ALSO ENSURE you send to TRANSIT:

• FILL OUT: Online Survey 
• PHONE: 204-986-4243

For complete details on the new corridor and routes see: