Increased Transit Service to Bridgwater/South Pointe Communities

On January 19, I brought forward a motion (Increase Transit Motion 2015) to have the Winnipeg Public Service research and report back (in 120 days) on their findings related to improving transit service in these communities.  A motion is a formal request to ‘get the ball moving’.

I have also been encouraging folks to call 311 to request transit service. The Winnipeg Public Service investigates  ‘311 transit inquiries’ as part of their research process in determining a need.

Various media outlets have also picked up the story that more transit services is needed in these communities:   Global News (February 26, 2015) and Sou’Wester (February 10, 2015).

The Winnipeg Public Service will be reporting back in June/July, 2015 with their findings. I fully expect Bridgwater Lakes to be a top priority.

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