Lifting the Building Cap in Bridgwater

Lifting the Cap in Bridgwater

In 2012, City Council placed a building cap on Bridgwater Trails and Bridgwater Center. See details.

January 14th 2018 Riel Community Committee:
I requested support from Riel Committee Members to lift the building cap in Bridgwater Trails and Centre. Any changes to a developer agreement must receive full Council approval and I anticipate this will occur and removal of the cap will be finalized at the February Council meeting.

My statement at Riel Community Committee:

For the past 6 months, I’ve worked collaboratively with Pembina Trails School Division, Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, area community organizations and the Province of Manitoba to find a solution to the building permits restrictions placed on the previous government by a previous Council – related to the Bridgwater Trails and Bridgwater Center communities.  We’ve had many thoughtful and respectful discussions in understandings each party’s situations.

  • I want to thank the Pembina Trails School Division Board of Trustees and Superintendent for working with myself, community organizations and community members to clarify how schools are identified as a priority for funding and the process required to see shovels in the ground. 
  • I’d like to thank the Manitoba Homebuilders Association, in particular Mr. McInnes and Mr. Curtis for their patience as we worked through this issue. The Manitoba Homebuilders Association is a strong partner in building our City and have been professional and outstanding to work with over the past 6 months. I recognize they found themselves in a challenging situation – but figured it made for a good ‘first year’ experience for Mr. McInnes.

The Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater and the communities of South Pointe and Prairie Pointe are the most highly desired areas in Winnipeg for residents to settle and raise their families. Recent census data and reports from the real estate and homebuilder industries also confirm these neighbourhoods are growing at a rapid rate. Building permit data and projections also shows that the Waverley West area is growing at a rate far faster than originally anticipated 10 years ago.

 Both the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba understand building communities is far more reaching than hammers and nails and lumber. Building communities that are strong, healthy and sustainable also mean there is the  commitment to offer and support a variety of lifestyle choices, providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to live, work, shop, learn and play in close proximity to one another.  A complete community provides options for accessing services, amenities and community resources by ensuring that most of the daily necessities of life— services, facilities, and amenities— are readily accessible.  Both the City and Province are responsible for ensuring any communities that are built follow Our Winnipeg and the policies outlined.

For a variety of reasons, the City and Province are playing ‘catch up’ on developing these communities to their fullest potential. In this past budget, the City of Winnipeg has now set out concrete funding commitments and is in the planning stages for a community centre/ recreation campus.  This is a very positive and significant step forward.

These past 6 months have enabled very good conversations with myself, the community, with Manitoba Housing Renewal Corporation and the Provincial government. The Province has made it clear to all groups involved, that they must have the building cap removed to move forward with any kind of school development. We understand the Province is in the final stages of studying the value of a Public Private Partnership (P3) business case for the Manitoba Schools Project and will be bringing forward the results of the KPMG study soon. 

In speaking with residents groups and community organizations, I believe it is in the community’s best interest to lift the building permit cap and support the administrative report. 

By lifting the cap, I want it on the record and known that this action is supporting the Provinces request, with the goal of doing what is right for the community and to ensure the ability is in place for the Province to lay a strong educational foundation for the future.

I’m very optimistic the results of the KPMG study will reflect positively for South Winnipeg. I also want it on the record and known, that if this trust being extended to work towards building a complete community is not upheld, I will reinstate the building cap in the very short term, and the community will become very engaged in the discussions.  

With thanks to the Winnipeg Sun and Sou’Wester for covering this important issue:
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