Neighbourhood Maintenance – Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater

It’s the time of year where everyone wonders who is responsible for parks and open space maintenance!
In our established neighbourhoods (Richmond West/Why’re Ridge/Linden Ridge & other established neighbourhoods) it is the City.
In NEW neighbourhoods it is a combination of developers & the City-and for sure it can be confusing!
Developers are responsible to maintain green spaces until they have received ‘City acceptance’
EVERY year, developers bring forward sections of boulevards, pieces of parks, and other public green spaces to be accepted.
It’s incredibly challenging to keep up with the handoffs!
This year I was provided maps for the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater indicating who is responsible for maintenance. I hope you can see them. Manitoba Housing is nearing the end of the development- and much – but not all – has been handed off to the City.
To add to the mix-homeowners are responsible to mow boulevards that are 20 ft or less! And many new homeowners aren’t aware of this – I only learned this when I started in this role! (See details on homeowners responsibilities.)
Living in a new development is great, but as things are still being developed, there are bound to be some challenges during the development process.
PLEASE feel free to email me at if you want further clarity on who maintains what!
SEE: High Resolution Maintenance MAP.