Sod Replacement On Three Soccer Fields

The handing off of maintenance responsibilities of a new development from the  developer to the City can sometimes be challenging, confusing and frustrating!  Often residents are not aware that in a new development, the developer is tied by contract to deliver a ‘product/item’ to a specified standard. Before the City takes responsibility from the developer, the City ensures the ‘product/item’ is constructed at the specified standard set out in the initial contract.

(Updated June 6, 2019)

The City of Winnipeg has come to an agreement with the developer (Ladco) and the City will be replacing the soccer field in South Pointe (Jinnah Park beside Tim Sale Drive)  The sod will be replaced late August and at that point in time – the field will be out of commission. I know this will be a tremendous inconvenience for many and apologize. The good news is the City will be taking over responsibility of these this field and will be able to offer soccer programming for youth on the field next year. The South Winnipeg Community Center has over 1500 children registered for soccer this year and are so the addition of this field into the ‘soccer field inventory’ will relieve the stress on other fields next year. Some pain before the gain.

The City of Winnipeg has asked Manitoba Housing to replace the sod on:

  • Bridgwater Forest (beside North Town Rd)
  • Bridgwater Lakes (beside Bridge Lake Dr)

Manitoba Housing is working through details and as of June 6, 2019 we are awaiting confirmation that sod replacement will occur in 2019 so that fields will be programmable for next year’s soccer season. We will update you when more is known.