“Speed Table” Pilot Project on Bridgeland Drive North

The Bridgwater communities are some of the newest residential subdivisions in the South Winnipeg-St. Norbert ward.   It’s a thriving area that is growing rapidly – homes are continuing to be built and new families are moving in.   As the community grows, so does the volume of traffic … and with it, concerns about traffic speed and improving access for pedestrians.

Speed limit signs and traffic enforcement help to reduce speed and calm traffic, to a limited extent. Traffic control and traffic calming devices are continually improving and in recent years, traffic engineers have been changing the ‘built environment’ to reduce speed and calm traffic. By changing the built environment, the physical changes alter vehicle/driver response to street conditions.

Working together with the City’s Public Works Department, I’ve initiated and am supporting a PILOT PROJECT to install a series of traffic calming devices called “speed tables” along Bridgeland Drive North to reduce speed, calm traffic and to improve conditions for pedestrian crossings.  This is a 1.5 year pilot project where the City will be will assessing the traffic calming effectiveness of speed tables. 

Speed tables are constructed of asphalt, are painted and signed, and are alternated in opposite directions on the street. Speed tables physically change the street conditions, yet maintain a constant flow of traffic and encourage vehicles to slow down. Snow removal can occur throughout the winter, and they will be re-painted each spring. The location of the two speed tables on Bridgeland Drive North is shown below (click the image to increase its size):

Bridgeland Drive North speed table layout

Changing the built environment is a more sustainable approach to traffic calming as less enforcement by Winnipeg Police Service is required, traffic flow is maintained, and fuel is conserved vs having multiple stop signs installed. A bonus result of reducing speed enables improved conditions for pedestrian crossings. Speed tables can be installed on collector streets as they do not negatively impact emergency vehicles and transit buses, and stand up well to winter snow clearing operations.

I want to hear your feedback on the speed tables.  Please E-Mail me with your comments:  jlukes@winnipeg.ca



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