Street Blown-In With Snow in Bridgwater and South Pointe?

YOUR assistance in REPORTING snow blockages is greatly appreciated!

New communities on the outer edges of the City experience unique snow challenges, as open areas blow in more frequently than areas protected by surrounding buildings and trees. Snow fencing is installed in certain areas, but with the amount of snow we have received over the past few weeks, fencing becomes ineffective when the snow reaches the height of the fence.

Blown-In Streets?  Please E-Mail or Phone 311

  • The City policy is to keep all streets and sidewalks open.  Winter street inspectors inspect streets for blockages, snow removal quality and more. With thousands of kms to inspect, inspectors do their best to get to every area on a regular basis.  Please contact 311 if you notice streets requiring attention.
  • Communities built with greater density (homes closer together) have less ‘snow storage space’ between driveways. We’ve received many calls where snow has been piled but then fallen onto driveways. The City is required to ensure one vehicle width is left open.

Blocked Roundabouts?  Please E-Mail or Phone 311

  • Open area roundabouts, combined with an enormous volume of snow and gusting winds, are resulting in snow packed driving conditions. Street inspectors are monitoring the roundabouts, but once again, PLEASE contact 311 if you notice any blockages.
  • In fall, 2016, the City started installing ‘no parking signs’ near the entry of roundabouts. Please do not park close to a roundabout entry as it creates a road hazard, and impacts efficient snow removal.