WHO Maintains Boulevard, Median & Parks in Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater

In a new development, figuring out WHO is responsible for maintenance can be a challenge.  311, City staff and my office have access to maps that show ‘Summer Maintenance’ responsibilities.  There are a few things to note:

  1. The developer – Manitoba Housing, is responsible for maintaining many greenspaces in Lakes, Trails and Town Center, not all, but the bulk of greenspace
  2. Residents are responsible for their own yards AND BOULEVARDS beside their homes that are UNDER 20 feet in width  – see details Long Grass  Please know many residents do not know this – I didn’t know this till I became a Councillor!
  3. The City is responsible for all other areas.

I have provided images of the summer maintenance maps in the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater. These are not detailed but give you a general understanding. The GREEN and YELLOW areas are maintained by the City. ALL other areas are maintained by Manitoba Housing – OR the residents (boulevards under 20 feet (6 meters))

HOW TO FIND OUT WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for maintenance & get ACTION if not being maintained

If grass is not being mowed – once we figure out who owns the property – we can send a by law officer out for enforcement.

Please know these maps change EVERY YEAR in a new development –as  the developer completes an area to the standards in the development contract, they then had the land off to the City who takes over maintenance. FYI – most developers get their greenspaces up to City standards within two years and hand off maintenance responsibilities. It takes other developers longer- as we are experiencing with Manitoba Housing their ability to meet the initial contractual standards.

Yes – this is complicated and frustrating – but – living in a new development – still being developed – does present a few challenges! I hope this helps.