Bridgwater Lakes Neighbourhood Association – Call for Nominations

Attention Bridgwater Lakes residents! Please read this important message from the Bridgwater Lakes Neighbourhood Association

Good Evening,

This year the BWLNA is seeing a large turnover in Board positions  We are seeking nominations for most key positions (positions are listed below). Please be aware that without these positions being filled, there will be no board next year, which means no soccer league, family fun day, food truck events, or Active August. While volunteering on the board may seem like a daunting task, many hands make light work, and the events and time commitment can be as much or as little as the board sees fit. Board meetings are once a month for one to two hours. Members take turns monitoring the email inbox, and then remaining time is devoted to organizing events. The busiest commitment time is February through to July 1, with the end of soccer season and our Family Fun Day event. The current board has agreed to help in a consulting capacity where needed, as a support function to the new board, to ensure a strong transition.

Voting will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Monday, November 19. Should there not be enough interest to create a new board, a move will be made to place the board on hiatus and seek a new board in one year’s time. If you are interested in one of the positions, please respond by replying to this email or contacting any of the current board members listed on our website.

The positions that are available are listed below. Duties are listed within the constitution on our website here:

  1. Co-Chair – 3 Positions
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Communications Coordinator
  5. Soccer League Convenor

We are hopeful that these positions will be filled and the torch can be passed. Without a Board the neighbourhood will not have these events you have come to enjoy within the community.